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Wondering how to help autistic children with unusual behaviors? Need help setting autistic goals for older children or coping with other learning disabilities?

Product code: B6470
Price: £42.00

Product code: B6395

David has down syndrome and he describes from his perspective how it affects his daily life. He explains why he needs extra help at home and at school, and also how support from those around him is important.

Price: £8.99

Product code: B6382

Harry has sensory processing difficulties and explains why he finds it hard to process sensory information effectively and how this impacts on his daily life both at home and school.

Ideal for children age 7+, OT’s teachers and parents.

Price: £8.99

Product code: B6380

A well written and accessible book that tackles toilet training difficulties for children with autism spectrum conditions giving lots of practical interventions to help children overcome these problems. Packed with essential information on bowel and bladder function; This book also gives helpful advice for developing and implementing a toilet plan both in the home and at nursery or school. One of the Authors Dr Eve Fleming helped us to devise the Toilet Time resource products in this section.

Price: £15.99

Product code: B6337

Social Narratives are a simple, evidence-based intervention for helping children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) and other developmental delays to improve their social behaviour. This is a practical guide which understands how autism affects children’s ability to learn social behaviour and shows how to write and use individualised Social
Narratives and includes 28 sample stories.

A valuable resource for teachers, speech and language therapists, occupational therapists and educational psychologists, as well as parents.

Play Ideas>>
  • By Sonia Morris
Price: £19.99

Product code: B6281

A guide to growing up for boys that is full of facts, tips and colour illustrations explaining puberty, body image, hygiene, friendship, crushes and more!

Written in literal language and addressing sensory issues, safety, and social skills throughout, it is ideal for boys with autism aged 9 to 14.

Price: £10.99

Product code: B6280

An illustrated guide for girls full of facts and advice about growing up, puberty, body image, friendship, crushes and more!

Written in literal language and addressing sensory issues, safety, and social skills throughout, it is ideal for girls with
autism aged 9 to 14.

Price: £10.99

Product code: B6200

Meet Megan - a young girl who has an anxiety disorder. Megan invites readers to learn about anxiety from her perspective, helping them to understand why she sometimes feels anxious and how this affects her thoughts, feelings and behaviours. Megan talks about techniques she has learnt to help manage her anxiety, and how people around her can help.

With illustrations throughout, this will be an ideal way to explore anxiety difficulties. It shows family, friends and teachers how they can support someone who experiences anxiety and will be an excellent way to start a conversation about anxiety, in the classroom or at home. Suitable for readers aged 7 upwards.                                   

Play Ideas>>
  • Exploring anxiety difficulties
  • Support for children with anxiety
Price: £8.99

Product code: B6199

Help children to understand and manage their anxiety with this engaging and imaginative workbook.

The Anxiety Gremlin is a mischievous creature who loves to gobble up your anxious feelings! The more anxiety you feed him, the bigger and bigger he gets and the more and more anxious you feel! How can you stop this? Starve your Anxiety Gremlin of anxious thoughts, feelings and behaviours, and watch him shrink!

Based on cognitive behavioural principles, this workbook uses fun and imaginative activities to teach children how to manage their anxiety by changing how they think and act – getting rid of their Anxiety Gremlins for good! Bursting with stories, puzzles, quizzes, and colouring, drawing and writing games, this is a unique tool for parents or practitioners to use with children aged 5 to 9 years.

Play Ideas>>
  • Anxious thoughts
  • Anxious feelings
  • Behaviour resulting from anxiety
Price: £12.99

Product code: B6198

Help children to understand and manage their anger with this fun and imaginative workbook.

The Anger Gremlin is a naughty creature and his favourite food is your anger! The more anger you feed him, the bigger and bigger he gets and the angrier and angrier you feel! How can you stop this? Starve the Anger Gremlin of angry thoughts, feelings and behaviours, and watch him disappear!

Based on cognitive behavioural principles, this workbook uses fun and engaging activities to teach children how to manage their anger by changing how they think and act – getting rid of their Anger Gremlins for good! Packed full of stories, puzzles, quizzes, and colouring, drawing and writing games, this is an excellent resource for parents or practitioners to use with children aged 5 to 9 years.


Acknowledgements. About the Author. 1.Why Read This Book? 2. Let's Meet a Mystery Creature! 3. Let's Learn About Feelings! 4. What is Anger? 5. Things We Get Angry About. 6. Why We Get Angry. 7. Our Angry Bodies. 8. Our Angry Behaviours. 9. What Effects Anger Can Have. 10. Starving the Anger Gremlin Strategies. 11. Your Anger Dos and Don'ts. 12. Completing Your Mission to Starve the Anger Gremlin. Appendix: Quiz Answers. Information for Parents and Professionals. References.

Play Ideas>>
  • Address angry thoughts
  • Address angry feelings
  • Address angry behaviour
Price: £12.99

Product code: B6164

An excellent book to help deal with your child's tantrums, inappropriate behavior or communication issues?

Based on the principles of the Miller Method, this book is filled with effective tips for solving behavioral issues promptly in day-to-day situations. Miller's insights, compiled here and expanded upon by Theresa Smith, are based on an understanding of the cognitive and sensory needs of children with autism and how this can underlie certain disordered behaviors. This practical how-to guide will help you to identify causes of distress, foster friendships, increase focus, toilet train, stop tantrums and handle inappropriate conduct.

This will provide essential daily support to parents, families, carers and teachers of pre-adolescent children on the autism spectrum. The book is targeted toward the most affected ASD children.

Play Ideas>>
  • Getting your child's attention
  • Coping skills
  • Communication and interaction
  • Minimising distress
Price: £12.99

Product code: B6161

Meet Marco - a boy with dyspraxia, which is sometimes called Developmental Co-ordination Disorder (DCD). Marco invites readers to learn about dyspraxia from his perspective, helping them to understand what it is and what it feels like when he sometimes struggles to control his movement and co-ordination. He talks about the challenges of having dyspraxia and lets readers know how he can be helped and supported.

This illustrated book will be an ideal introduction for young people, aged 7 upwards, as well as parents, friends, teachers and professionals working with children with dyspraxia. It is also an excellent starting point for family and classroom discussions.

'A wonderfully useful little book! Demystifying, non-patronising, and with loads of practical suggestions for parents, teachers and dyspraxic children themselves.'
- Sue Palmer, literacy specialist and author of Toxic Childhood

'The book is written in an accessible style from the perspective of a teenager who has dyspraxia. It is powerful to read about the main issues for children written in their own voice. Many children as well as their friends and families would find it helpful and reassuring that they are not the only one who faces the difficulties described by Marco.'
- Kate Ripley, Senior Specialist Educational Psychologist, author of Inclusion for Children with Dyspraxia/DCD and co-author of Dyspraxia: A Guide for Teachers and Parents.

Introduction. 1. What it's like to have dyspraxia. 2. Getting dressed and changed. 3. Going to secondary school. 4. Before I went to school. 5. Early signs of dyspraxia. 6. Difficulties at primary school. 7. Going for an assessment. 8. Therapy groups. 9. Handwriting and fine motor skills. 10. Getting organised for school. 11. Sport. 12. Maths and Science. 13. Some facts about Dyspraxia. 14. How parents can help. 15. How teachers can help. 16. How other children can help. Recommended reading, websites and useful organisations.

Price: £8.99

Product code: B6160

Meet Tom - a young boy with autism. Tom invites readers to learn about autism from his perspective, helping them to understand what it is and explaining the challenges he faces with issues such as social communication, sensory overload and changes in his routine. Tom tells readers about all the ways he can be helped and supported by those around him.

This illustrated book is ideally suited for readers aged 7 and upwards, and will be an excellent way to increase understanding about autism, in the classroom or at home. It also includes clear, useful information for parents and professionals.

Foreword by Dr Glenys Jones. Introduction for adults. Introduction for children. 1. Introducing Tom, who has autism. 2. Mind blindness. 3. Listening. 4. Talking. 5. Body language. 6. Playing. 7. Routines and repetition. 8. Preparing for change. 9. Hidden rules. 10. Sounds, sights, touch, tastes and smells. 11. Body movements. 12. Daily life. 13. Special interests. 14. How adults can help. 15. More about autism. Recommended reading, resources, websites and organisations. Template to create a personal profile for a child with autism.

Price: £8.99

Product code: B6158

A Sourcebook of Ideas for Young Children Including Those with Autism, ADHD, Sensory Processing Disorder, and Other Learning Differences.

This practical sourcebook is packed full of fun, low-cost games and activities that encourage the development of motor skills, coordination and sensory tolerance in young children.

Using materials that are readily-available in most households or that can be purchased or homemade at a very low cost, these games and activities are appropriate for all children, including those with autism, ADHD, Sensory Processing Disorder, and other learning challenges. The book includes clear descriptions of how to carry out each activity, helpful illustrations, and ways to adapt activities according to the child's individual needs. In addition, a comprehensive reference guide to the activities enables easy searching for games suited to the development of particular skills.

This sourcebook is the key to easy-to-understand, low-cost, and effective games and activities that will support the development of sensorimotor skills. It is a useful tool for parents, carers, therapists, and teachers of children with or without special needs.

Play Ideas>>
  • Gross motor skills
  • Fine motor skills
  • Visual skills
  • Sensory skills
Price: £14.99

Product code: B6054

This book offers over 100 creative ideas and photocopiable activities to build emotional resilience in children who have difficulty in coping with change, stress and normal levels of anxiety. Supported by a theory section, the practical exercises are a simple and fun way of helping children learn healthy stress management strategies. Ideal resource for parents, teachers, therapists working with with individuals and groups of children aged 7-11. Ideas can be adapted for older and younger children and those with special needs.

Play Ideas>>
  • Practical exercises
  • A theory section
  • Photocopiable actvities
Price: £17.99

Product code: B6034

This book offers an accessible overview of what occupational therapy (OT) is and how it can help your child.  It covers the areas and issues an OT might address with a child with special needs, including core muscle strength, feeding, fine motor skills, sensory sensitivities, transitions and life skills.  It also contains a range of simple activities to practise at home that are in expensive, fun and, most importantly, OT approved.  Ideal for parents and professionals.

Play Ideas>>
  • Sensory sensitvities
  • Core muscle strength
  • Feeding
  • Fine motor skills
Price: £12.99

Product code: B6033

Challenging behaviour, violent outbursts and meltdowns can put a strain on the entire family of a child on the autism spectrum. This book offers practical, long-term and effective strategies to help resolve common challenging behaviours using a low arousal approach - a non-aversive approach based on avoiding confrontation and reducing stress and anxiety.

Managing Family Meltdown provides explanations for challenging behaviours, and offers a wealth of guidance on how families can manage different types of challenging behaviour, such as physical aggression and self-injury. The authors explore the difference between managing and changing behaviour; how our own behaviour can influence the situation; and show how by reducing stress and anxiety children are better able to process information becoming less likely to react in challenging ways. The pros and cons of medication and ways to look after your own health are also discussed.

This hands-on, practical book is appropriate for children who are non-verbal, as well as those with higher functioning autism and will be indispensable for families, carers and anyone involved with children on the autism spectrum.

'As a therapist working with children with autism and their families, you often have conversations with parents about "how things are at home". Discussing challenging behaviour can make you feel useless as a professional if you aren't able to offer any help. If the family are into reading self-help books, this is one you could definitely suggest.'

- Speech & Language Therapy in Practice, Gillian Welsher, speech therapist, Newcastle upon Tyne

Play Ideas>>
  • Challenging behaviour
  • Physical injury
  • Aggression
Price: £12.99

Product code: B6032

In a chaotic or threatening situation, fear is the primary emotional response of an autistic individual. "Meltdowns" or brain overloads can be scary for the individual with autism, and for the person trying to help if they don't know how to react in this situation. Common coping strategies such as hand flapping or leg shaking, can be misperceived as being uncooperative, and some techniques commonly recommended during time of distress or crisis, such as maintaining eye contact or using light touch, can be counter-productive rather than providing relief. The authors have created a training programme to explain the autistic experience and mindset, and guide the interventions of first responders to autistic individuals in crisis.

Play Ideas>>
  • Suggested interventions
  • Challenging Behaviour
Price: £9.99

Product code: B6031

Ben, a young boy with ADHD helps the reader to understand what ADHD is and how if affects him and what help and support he needs from those around him.

Price: £8.99

Product code: B6030

Meet Adam - a young boy with AS. Adam invites young readers to learn about AS from his perspective. He helps children understand the difficulties faced by a child with AS - he tells them what AS is, what it feels like to have AS and how they can help children with AS by understanding their differences and appreciating their many talents. This illustrated book is ideally suited for boys and girls between 7 and 15 years old and also serves as an excellent starting point for family and classroom discussions.

'there is still a great need for resources such as this book for children and parents who need introduction to autism and asperger's syndrome... Teaching a child that they are not "different" but that they can learn from someone who thinks and acts in similar ways to them is a great approach... It does very well in it's way of introducing this concept of autism to a child - who may be thinking "is there something wrong with me" at the early stage of diagnosis... the book would be a good resource for children as part of an overall understanding of AS.'


As a parent of a child with Asperger Syndrome, one of the most frustrating things to deal with is not always knowing how to help my child. Jude Welton's book reminds me in a simple and straightforward way of the difficulties an AS child faces daily and how we can help them overcome their struggles by modifying our responses.

This is a wonderful book because it gives the non-AS person a guide for communicating with and easing the way for an Asperger person. Not only does it identify the many ways these people are different but it suggests responses we can make which will help them to understand the world around them.

This is a very accessible book for non-AS children for non-AS children. The illustrations provide clear and strong messages and the text id direct and unambiguous as a text written through the eyes of an Asperger child would quite likely be. It is also a book for AS children who are aware of their diagnosis. I imagine that a certain comfort and support could be found in reading of others sharing the same problems and acknowledging the validity of their differences.

I was not expecting to find this book so interesting on a personal level. Having always read whatever I could find on AS this book brought me up short. I realise that I spend much time thinking of how I can help my child modify her behaviour to suit the world whereas Jude Welton's book suggests that awareness and tolerance by non-Asperger people is extremely important to an AS child trying to communicate.'

Price: £8.99

Product code: B6022

Exposure to basic mathematics in the early years can be crucial in establishing the foundations for understanding later in life. This book provides practical strategies and tools for teaching key mathematics concepts to children with an autism spectrum disorder and other developmental delays. Topics covered include colours, shapes, categories, numerals, sequencing, additional and substration and using money and the book includes worksheets and activities for incorporating mathematics into daily living skills. Expoosure to basic mathematics in the early years can be crucial in establishing the foundations for understanding later in life.

Play Ideas>>
  • Practical strategies
  • Core maths concepts
  • Worksheets
Price: £24.99

Product code: B6021

The Anxiety Gremlin loves one thing -- to feed on your anxiety! But watch out, as the fuller he gets, the more anxious you get! How can you stop him? Starve him of his favourite food -- your anxiety -- and he'll shrink and shrivel away.

Starving the Anxiety Gremlin is a unique resource to help young people understand different types of anxiety and how to manage them, including panic attacks, phobias, social anxiety, generalised anxiety and obsessive compulsive disorder. Based on cognitive behavioural principles that link thoughts, feelings and behaviours, the techniques described help young people to understand why they get anxious and how they can 'starve' their anxiety gremlin in order to manage their anxiety.

This engaging workbook uses fun activities and real life stories, and can be used by young people aged 10+ on their own or with a parent or practitioner. It is also an ideal anxiety management resource for those working with young people, including mental health practitioners, social workers, education sector staff and youth workers.

Price: £12.99

Product code: B6020

A book that helps to show young people how they can manage their stress levels through a range of effective techniques based on cognitive behavioural principles. Engaging and fun activities as well real life stories from other young people show how our thoughts are related to our behaviours and emotions, allowing young people aged 10+ to understand why they get stressed, the effects of stress and how to "starve" their Stress Gremlin.

This informative workbook is easy to read and fun for a young person aged 10+ to complete either on their own or with the help of a parent or practitioner. It is also a valuable stress management resource for those working with young people, including mental health practitioners, youth workers, social workers and education sector staff.


Price: £12.99

Product code: B6003

Edited by Sarah Nash of the Hackney Speech & Language Therapy Service

Contains fun, structured activities for children with speech, language & communication needs.

A comprehensive resource for anyone working with children with speech, language & communication needs. Provides background information, fun activities and games, and all the basics you need to run effective communication groups in mainstream and SEN settings, as well as ideas for the home.

Over 150 activities address: Attention & listening; Understanding & memory; Expressive language; Vocabulary, concepts & word-finding, Problem solving & reasoning; Sequencing & narrative; Phonological awareness; Social communication.

Includes: Setting up your group; Strategies for getting started; Planning your session; How to identify areas of communication difficulty; Tips for supporting those with difficulties in groups & whole class settings.

304 pages  A4 paperback

Price: £29.99

Product code: B5990

Why should an announcement that cats and dogs are falling from the sky indicate heavy rain? This 90 page hard back book, called "It's Raining Cats and Dogs", is a witty and stylish insight into the mind of someone with ASD. It beautifully illustrates why people with ASDs have problems understanding common phrases and idioms that others accept unquestionally as part of everyday speech.

Price: £9.99

Product code: B5938

Starving the Anger Gremlin is an imaginative workbook shows young people how to starve their anger gremlin and control their anger effectively. Made up of  engaging and fun activities, it helps them to understand why they get angry and how their anger affects themselves and others,and teaches them, through a programme, how to manage angry thoughts and behaviours. suitable for  ages 10+.

88 pages Paperback.

Price: £12.99

Product code: B5937

Anger Management Games for Children, written by Deborah M Plummer is a practical handbook helps adults to understand, manage and reflect constructively on children's anger. Featuring a wealth of familiar and easy-to-learn games, it is designed to foster successful anger management strategies for children aged 5-12.
It covers the theory behind the games in accessible language, and includes a broad range of enjoyable activities: active and passive, verbal and non-verbal, and for different sized groups. The games address issues that might arise in age-specific situations such as sharing a toy or facing peer pressure. They also encourage children to approach their emotions as a way to facilitate personal growth and healthy relationships.
This is an ideal resource for teachers, parents, carers and all those working with anger management in children.

Price: £16.99

Product code: B5931

This book, Step by Step Help for Children with ADHD A self-help manual for parents, acknowledges that raising a child with ADHD can be distressing and exhausting for the whole family. But given the appropriate knowledge, and the right tools, parents can intervene to manage their child's behaviour, leading to improved relationships at home and, it is hoped, a more successful time at school.
This 166 page book contains a simple, flexible six-step programme  full of tried-and-tested ideas for parents and professionals supporting families of young children with ADHD. By practising the techniques and strategies, parents will gain confidence in their parenting and, over time, will improve the child’s management of the condition.
The programme includes games that will help improve the child’s attention, exercises to develop patience and tips for supporting the child in successful self-organization. There are also plenty of useful ideas for developing communication between parents and schools.

Price: £11.99

Product code: B5930

Many children on the autism spectrum do not play in the way we may expect. Some children seem difficult to engage and encourage into creative play preferring very rigid play scenarios or very repetitive play.
These children may have difficulties in socialising with other, communicating and may play in a very literal sense.
This well laid out and accessible book includes very informative and useful chapters on social interaction, social communication and social imagination and how these impact on a child’s ability to play. With plenty of background information and play ideas this is an ideal book for adults working or living with children on the autism spectrum. It is much more than a play manual - I really wish this book had been available when I first got my child diagnosed! 
78 pages all in full colour Size A4

Play Ideas>>
  • Background information
  • Play Ideas
  • Triad of Impairment
Price: £17.99

Product code: B5919

These Handy Pocket books will ensure you are never again stuck for activity ideas that will help make both teaching and learning fun!

Carefully selected, each collection of the 50 best games is themed and and addresses a specific area of development. All the games are easy to implement with the minimum of preparation and can be adapted to the needs of your particular group.

Use them as warm-ups, ice breakers, time fillers or to address a specific need. Suitable for groups of all sizes and can be used with all ages from young children to adolescents.

Use these games to sharpen the senses and help young people to increase their sensory perception skills and their understanding of the world around them.


Listening Games, Looking Games, Smelling and Tasting Games, Touching Games, Breathing Games.




Price: £9.99

Product code: B5918

These Handy Pocket books will ensure you are never again stuck for activity ideas that will help make both teaching and learning fun!

Carefully selected, each collection of the 50 best games is themed and and addreses a specific area of development. All the games are easy to implement with the minimum of preparation and can be adapted to the needs of your particular group.

Use them as warm-ups, ice breakers, time fillers or to address a specific need. Suitable for groups of all sizes and can be used with all ages from young children to adolescents.

Help create self confident youngsters with these games for building strength and self-esteem. This selection of games will help improve self-awareness, assertiveness and confidence as well as respect for others.

Price: £9.99

Product code: B5870

A set of 20 laminated picture cards to help sequence the stages of toileting.  These toilet training aids comprise 10 cards showing a girl and 10 cards showing a boy in the process of using the toilet. The cards are durable and the graphics are clear and unfussy so that a child can clearly see the action being depicted.

These toilet training picture cards use the same images that appear on the picture cue cards in our Toilet Time Book  but these cards are  larger - a similar size to playing cards.  The size of each card is 62 x 100mm.  They are blank on the back so that velcro may be attached for use on teaching boards or a visual toilet training timetable.

The pack includes an 18 page guide to toileting children which has been written by Dr Eve Fleming MB CHB BA MRCPCH, an experienced community paediatrician which has lots of useful information and ideas for tackling toileting skills, especially with children with special educational needs.  


Play Ideas>>
  • Durable sequence cards illustrating toileting
  • Clear graphics to support toilet training
  • Toileting guide
Price: £4.99
£5.99 inc. VAT

Product code: B5866

A concise and instantly accessible book that gives a clear summary of up-to-date information on Asperger Syndrome, describing the common characteristics to look out for, and offering simple strategies for adapting to the educational needs of students with AS. Packed with useful tips and practical advice this fully revised and expanded second edition is the ideal resource for teachers, teaching assistants and those in school management who want to know more about Asperger Syndrome in the mainstream inclusive classroom.

Price: £11.99

Product code: B5863

This vibrant fully illustrated children's storybook is written for children aged 5+, and is an accessible, fun way to talk about anger, with useful tips about how to "tame the red beast" and guidance for parents on how anger affects children with Asperger Syndrome.



Price: £12.99

Product code: B5785

A simple picture book with instructions for each picture to make learning new facial expressions and mouth movements fun.

Moving the mouth and tongue in different ways is very effective for strengthening facial muscles and aiding speech development.   Children follow the pictures in this book and copying Sam and Timmy Tongue's funny faces - and help to improve their facial strength and dexterity at the same time!

This book can be really helpful for any parent who is worried that their child's speech is showing signs of delay.

An invaluable resource for any parent, teacher or professional looking to help a child with delayed speech.

Play Ideas>>
  • Mouth movements
  • Tongue movements
  • Delayed speech
Price: £4.99

Product code: B5605

This practical handbook is designed to foster successful social strategies for children aged 5-12 and is ideal for teachers, parents, carers and all those working to improve the social skills of children.  It includes a broad range of enjoyable activities and addresses issues that might arise when supporting children with a range of communication differences. 

Price: £16.99

Product code: B5525

This 96 page book is a superb resource for learning to follow directions with over 120 activities to strengthen visual and auditory discrimination and memory skills and much more.  A structured and fun way to teach these skills and improve them with lots of practice.

Play Ideas>>
  • Auditory discrimination
  • Following directions
  • Memory skills
Price: £15.99

Product code: B5055

By Julia Moor - Second Edition

This book is a wonderful mixture of play ideas and practical help for Parents and carers. It shows how to break down activities into manageable stages, and looks at ways to gain a child's attention and motivation and to build on small achievements. The ideas are useful both for toddlers and primary age children who are still struggling with play.

Play Ideas>>
  • Chapters arranged around a theme - music, art, puzzles
  • Use of case studies to help re-direct your child
  • Turn taking and creating play sequences
  • Use of picture cards to aid communication
Price: £14.99

Product code: B5054

edited by Carol Gray and Abbie Leigh White

Social stories are a useful way of teaching social and life skills to children on the autistic spectrum and this popular book contains approximately 100 stories, and is illustrated throughout with line drawings by Sean McAndrew which form a visual counterpart to the text. A helpful introduction explains to parents and carers how to get the most out of the book.

Play Ideas>>
  • Specifically aimed at pre-schoolers aged 2-6
  • Useful also for non-autistic children too
  • Ideas for producing personalising social stories
Price: £12.99