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Product code: B6642

Includes 27 beads and 2 laces.

  • helps teach sequencing and sorting
  • helps teach colour and shape recognition
  • encourages fine motor skill

Price: £9.15
£10.98 inc. VAT

Product code: B6279

Put your stamp of approval on your pupils'  achievements.

  • Illustrated jumbo stamps include encouraging statements, including:
    • I can measure lengths
    • I can name all my letters
    • I can solve word problems
  • Set of 30
  • Stamps come in storage tray   WITH FREE STAMPING PAD WORTH  £10.00
  • seven-color stamp pad. Including a black stamp pad on one side and green, blue, orange, red, yellow, and purple on the other side. Non-toxic, washable ink prints sharp and dark, and conforms to safety standard

Price: £12.50
£15.00 inc. VAT

Product code: B5944

This Sneezy the Activity Dragon is a super cute toy with a squeaky nose, one paw that rattles and one that squeaks. The dragon has crinkly ears and wings and a jingle bell tail. Sneezy is a fabulous early activity toy for children.

A bundle of colour, texture and sound  to delight  your child.

Size:  30cm x 25.5cm x  32cm

Play Ideas>>
  • Texture
  • Sound
  • Interactive
Price: £18.33
£22.00 inc. VAT

Product code: B5890

Use this superb quality Lakeshore kit to prepare children for reading and writing with lots of practice in problem solving. This kit includes 10 activity mats and 30 miniatures to sort and compare a variety of objects. A fabulous visual source for learning the vocabulary and concept of size - small, medium and large.  Larger than and smaller than.

Box measures 10".

Play Ideas>>
  • Vocabulary of size
  • Concept of size
  • Sorting
Price: £21.99
£26.39 inc. VAT

Product code: B5818

Beautifully made of solid wood these 10 Individual pieces of fruit or vegetables are colourful and ideal for practising lacing and threading. Lovely to handle or use for dexterity activities or imaginative play, sorting, naming of fruit and healthy eating discussions.  Lots of educational play value.  The set includes two wooden lacing spools featuring Harry the Healthy Caterpillar on the end. REDUCED FROM £45.99 - BARGAIN LIMITED STOCK

Play Ideas>>
  • Threading
  • Sorting
  • Naming fruit and healthy eating
  • Imaginative Play
Price: £22.49
£26.99 inc. VAT

Product code: B5740

This PVC free squishy cushion with a pimpled surface can be used to practice balance and co-ordination skills by sitting or standing on it. Measures 35cm

Price: £20.00
£24.00 inc. VAT

Product code: B5663

A colourful and solidly made wooden clock.  ideal for introducing children to a simple clock face as children put the correct shaped number in the correct place on the clock.  Helps number sequencing and shape sorting.  The chunky shaped pieces are lovely to handle and easy to sort.  The hands of the clock are nice and sturdy too.

Measures 9" x 5"". 

Play Ideas>>
  • Numbers
  • Shape sorting
  • Early telling the time
  • Moving the hands of a clock
Price: £8.99
£10.79 inc. VAT

Product code: B5584

Made from tough double sided highly reflective acrylic using a clear lower case font, these letters are perfect to handle, draw around and play with. A tiny hole enables them to be fixed to a display or strung as a mobile. Set of 26. H 5 to 7.5cm.

Price: £10.00
£12.00 inc. VAT

Product code: B5435

This is one book of a distinctive range of interactive reading books specially developed for children with SEN but suitable for all children. It utilises the power of clear and unfussy pictures to help children who are very visually motivated to learn to read and to communicate. A valuable resource for teachers, therapists and parents working one to one or in small groups.
This 16 page book helps to teach children to match, identify and label colours.  With 12 noun picture cards and 12 colour picture cards all velcro backed and removable, children can also learn to read colour words which are included in simple sentences. For example  The apple is red.  Teaching notes are included on the inside cover of the book.

Play Ideas>>
  • Learn colours
  • Learn to read names of colours
  • Matching colours
Price: £11.99

Product code: B5434

This 16 page ring bound book helps to teach children to match, identify, label and sequence numbers 1 to 12.  Use together with the removeable ( by velcro) pictures and numeral cards to learn to read number words 1 to 12 and simple nouns such as  tree, shoes, pigs, fish, stars, hearts, balls etc.

Quantity concepts can be taught by matching number to picture and picture to number.  basic sums can also be practised.

This range of interactive reading books has been specially developed for children with SEN but are suitable for all children.  They utilise the power of clear and unfussy pictures to help children who are very visually motivated to learn and to communicate.  These are a valuable resource for teachers, therapists and parents working one to one or in small groups and each book contains easy to follow guidance notes..


Play Ideas>>
  • Counting
  • Numeral recognition
  • Reading
  • Interaction
Price: £11.99

Product code: B5397

A solid wooden maze with a magnetic wand. A great toy for developing fine motor skills and number recognition and counting.  Children use the magnetic wand to guide the coloured balls through the maze and into the pots numbered 1-10.  The permanently attached clear view top keeps the 55 balls safe so they cannot be lost or eaten!

 Measures 13" x 14" 


Play Ideas>>
  • Developing fine motor skills
  • Number recognition
  • Counting up to 10
Price: £33.32
£39.98 inc. VAT

Product code: B5385

Pull back spring loaded launchers send these two wooden racing cars zooming out of their garages.  This is an ideal cause and effect toy which can help develop fine motor skills and also practice turntaking and anticipation.  Lots of opportunities to practice 'ready steady go!'   and to see which car travels the furthest and which car crosses the winning line first.  The cars can also be used in other play scenarios to help stimulate imaginative play.

Play Ideas>>
  • Cause and Effect toy
  • Imaginative play
  • Fine motor skills
  • Turntaking
Price: £9.15
£10.98 inc. VAT