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Non-Verbal Play >> Fun with Music

Product code: B6299

Use the wooden hammer to push the balls through the holes on the bench and send them tinkling over the xylophone for a rewarding flourish. The xylophone can also be removed from the bench and played with the hammer to play a tune.

Fabulous skill building toy.

Measures 13.5 x 15 x 24cm.

Age 1+.

Price: £24.99
£29.99 inc. VAT

Product code: B6297

One wooden bird whistle with a plastic mouth piece.

Size: W5.7 H10 L2.5cm

Age 18 months +

Play Ideas>>
  • Making a sound
  • Exercise for lip muscles
Price: £2.08
£2.50 inc. VAT

Product code: B6207

A  sturdy wooden  base with robust plastic pan flutes to make a nice sound.

Age 3+

Play Ideas>>
  • Blowing
  • Breath Control
Price: £4.16
£4.99 inc. VAT

Product code: B5622

A colourful set of 8 hand bells.  Includes an A4 sheet of music.

Price: £21.65
£25.98 inc. VAT

Product code: B5513

A superb set of 8 colourful desk bells designed for children to use. A simple press down on the button on top of the bell will elicit a clear and accurate tone.
Each bell is differentiated by colour and sounds one note of the middle C octave. The bells are also numbered and so can be lined up and played by one child or they can be used by a group of children working together. They are great for encouraging interaction and teamwork. 

Play Ideas>>
  • Press down to make sound
  • Listening to notes
  • Playing a tune
Price: £29.99
£35.99 inc. VAT