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Verbal Play Skills >> Social Skills and Behaviour

Product code: B6612

A collection of 32 Social Stories™ that Dr Siobhan Timmins developed as tools for her own son to help him understand and deal with certain situations. Social stories are a way of teaching concepts and social understanding to children with
ASD, from what does growing up mean, why are listening, waiting and taking turns important, what are worries and much much more.
211 pages.

Price: £15.99
£19.19 inc. VAT

Product code: B6486

A multicultural set of 4 four families that can be simply turned over to transform from their ‘everyday’ to ‘superhero’ alter ego. Each family includes either a super pet or super-powered vehicle (170mm long). Characters measure between 40-105mm high and are suitable for children aged 3+. These fun and engaging wooden characters are ideal for inspiring stories and language.

Price: £40.00
£48.00 inc. VAT

Product code: B6485

A bumper set of 28 quality wooden figures depicting a range of ages and cultures, and including people with disabilities. This inclusive pack of figures enables children to explore many real life situations and develop an understanding of the people in their lives.
Size of figures is 35-100mm.

Price: £50.00
£60.00 inc. VAT

Product code: B6431

A positive and encouraging way to reinforce 'Great Work'.

Pre-inked and ready to use. Will last over +10,000 impressions.

Price: £4.15
£4.98 inc. VAT

Product code: B6421

Social & emotional resilience are important for young people’s development and growing independence and this book
provides the opportunity to rehearse these skills through easy-to-implement ideas and activities suitable for young
people of all ages.

Themes include: Coping with stress & anxiety; Building & maintaining friendships; Family relationships; School-based issues – teasing, bullying; Dealing with emotions; Self-control; Problem solving; Decision-making.

Ages 5-18. 182 pages A4 paperback with FREE CD-ROM.

Price: £29.99

Product code: B6400

Many children and young people are affected by anxiety issues that have a profound effect on their behaviour and enjoyment of life. Their worries can be linked to certain people, certain places or particular situations. The resulting
anxiety can manifest itself with many physical effects as well as leading to poor self-esteem, poor concentration and isolation, which in turn affects friendships, school work and social activities.

This pack of resources aims to help parents, carers, teachers and professionals to work though the causes and effects of anxiety to help children and young people to both think differently and act differently and thereby reduce the anxiety in their lives.

Set includes:
4 Worry Wheels - x1 Physical Effects of my Anxiety, x1 Why am I Feeling Anxious?, x1 Social Effects of my Anxiety and x1 How can I Manage my Anxiety?
A4 Facing Fears Poster,
Telling someone you feel worried fan
Write on wipe off worry cloud.

Price: £29.15
£34.98 inc. VAT

Product code: B6393

A set of 48 cards showing fun role play scenarios which can be used to practise and reinforce both verbal and non-verbal cues in simple scenarios and build on these with more complex interactions in social situations that
young people will encounter at home and at school.

Includes: Sharing, Turn-Taking, Saying Sorry, Peer Pressure, Jealousy and Assertiveness.

Play Ideas>>
  • Set of 2 Social Situations
Price: £19.99
£23.99 inc. VAT

Product code: B6354

This chunky 10 piece wooden play set includes two cups and two plates, each with a wooden sandwich, cake and biscuit.

Encourages creative and imaginative play.

Tallest piece 7cm.

Play Ideas>>
  • Imaginative play
  • Functional play skills
  • Social skills
Price: £10.41
£12.49 inc. VAT

Product code: B6347

Made from a soft plush material this ladybird lap weight can help children who fidget to sit still.

A blue cover is provided for older children.

Size: 500mm weight 3lb.

Price: £31.65
£37.98 inc. VAT

Product code: B6345

A practical collection of user-friendly resources for use with young people aged 8 to 16 who have social and communication difficulties.

The accessible worksheets cover subjects such as self-concept & self-esteem, body language & facial expressions, awareness of self and others, relationship skills, conversational & listening skills, feeling safe and staying in control.

A varied and appealing resource that SLTs, teachers, SENCOs, psychologists and behaviour support workers will find invaluable for use with an older age group not always addressed in social skills materials.

Includes FREE CDRom containing all worksheets and handouts. 192 pages.

Price: £29.99

Product code: B6343

Help reluctant talkers become confident talkers! This practical spiral bound book focuses on quiet, shy and sensitive children and those with extreme anxiety about talking in early years and Key Stage One settings. The detailed introduction explains why some children need support and explains some of the reasons that can cause a reluctance
to communicate.

It includes 40 exciting tried and tested activities and provides straightforward advice on how you can;
• Create a positive and supportive atmosphere in your setting
• Help children develop social skills
• Help children build their confidence so they can ‘find their voice’
• Build positive links with families
• Help children build friendships

Size A4 52 pages

Play Ideas>>
  • Social skills
  • Build confidence
  • Build friendships
Price: £15.00

Product code: B6339

Made from a soft plush material this caterpillar is ideal as a shoulder weight to help calm and apply deep pressure to children who often fidget. A blue cover is provided for older children.

Size 73 x 10cm weight 2lb

Price: £29.15
£34.98 inc. VAT

Product code: B6338

An activity book featuring Worried Wilber learning how to address and cope with 31 of the most common situations that make children anxious. A comprehensive 80 page A5 spiral bound resource with colourful illustrations and FREE CD-ROM of teachers notes with ideas on how to tackle some of the issues, as well as worksheets for the children to complete.

Play Ideas>>
  • Includes CD-ROM
Price: £29.95

Product code: B6337

Social Narratives are a simple, evidence-based intervention for helping children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) and other developmental delays to improve their social behaviour. This is a practical guide which understands how autism affects children’s ability to learn social behaviour and shows how to write and use individualised Social
Narratives and includes 28 sample stories.

A valuable resource for teachers, speech and language therapists, occupational therapists and educational psychologists, as well as parents.

Play Ideas>>
  • By Sonia Morris
Price: £19.99

Product code: B6332

Children tend to display their feelings through their behaviour and underlying all behaviour there is a reason for it. This kit includes a wealth of resources to help children understand which behaviours are appropriate and when their behaviour is inappropriate.

Wendy Usher’s teacher resource book Let’s Make More Smiles, helps deal with and improve negative behaviour and
reward positive behaviour.

Many of the resources feature Widgit symbols so are all ideal for all children and especially those with special needs or where English is not their first language.

Bag contents includes:
• 1 x Fabric Drawstring Storage Bag
• 1 x Set of 120 Positive Behaviour Reward Stickers (6 x Blank Fans)
• 1 x How do you feel today communication lanyard
• Let’s make more smiles Encouraging Positive Behaviour Book
• 1 x Swing O Meter (use to support emotional understanding, choice, sequencing and instruction
- includes pen and 6 mini white boards)
• 1 x Show Me Feelings Card Pack
• 8 Communications fans including:
- Positive Social Rules
- Emotions and Expressions
- Think Fan (traffic lights)
- Positive Praise
- It’s too (sensory integration)
- I feel (facial expressions)
- Emotion Faces (colour based)
- Behaviour symbol fan

Play Ideas>>
  • Behaviour
  • Communication
Price: £66.65
£79.98 inc. VAT

Product code: B6330

Simple but effective; A set of two mood bands to wear and communicate how you are feeling.

Play Ideas>>
  • Communication
  • Feelings
Price: £6.65
£7.98 inc. VAT

Product code: B6329

Simple but effective; A set of two mood bands to wear and communicate how you are feeling.

Play Ideas>>
  • Communication
  • Feelings
Price: £6.65
£7.98 inc. VAT

Product code: B6328

A useful resource for children to identify and indicate how they feeling.

5 emotion faces printed directly onto plastic - 54x85mm.

Use in social stories or after incidents.

Lanyard has safety catch.

 Age 3+

Play Ideas>>
  • Faces and Feelings
  • Resource for Social and Emotional Skills
  • Includes keyring lanyard
Price: £5.41
£6.49 inc. VAT

Product code: B6308

Children tend to display their feelings through their behaviour and underlying all behaviour there is a reason for it.

In this practical resource book Wendy Usher shares ideas and suggestions to promote effective communication and encourage positive behaviour, covering listening skills, using visual structure, emotions and expressions, anxieties and ideas to help calm children down.

65 pp A4 Ring-bound.

Price: £15.00

Product code: B6203

Use this pack of activity cards to  enhance your teaching of  social skills.

Eight categories of behaviour are covered: Sharing experiences; Being nice; Working and playing together; Carrying out a task; Presenting oneself; Making a decision; Standing up for yourself and Dealing with disputes.

Each chapter includes a short story involving Max and Millie to illustrate the behaviour targeted, puppet dialogue to engage the children, different games and creative exercises to further discussion and understanding and illustrations for colouring.

Twelve full colour cards are also included depicting Max and Millie in different situations, to help children explore feeling and emotions associated with the social situations.

Use this activity pack with the Max and Millie puppets available to buy on our website and in our catalogue.

Price: £29.99

Product code: B6202

Use this friendly girl puppet to practise and refine social skills.  This superb quality hand puppet is also ideal for story telling, role play, promoting group discussion and encouraging positive interaction.  Buy the Max Puppet too and use in conjunction with the Max and Millie Social Skills Activity Pack. 
Size:  85cm

Play Ideas>>
  • Storytelling
  • Social Skills
  • Group discussion
Price: £36.65
£43.98 inc. VAT

Product code: B6201

Use this friendly boy puppet to practise and refine social skills.  This superb quality hand puppet is also ideal for story telling, role play, promoting group discussions and encouraging positive interaction.  Buy the Millie Puppet too and use in conjunction with the Max and Millie Social Skills Activity Pack. 

Size:  85cm

Play Ideas>>
  • Social Skills
  • Storytelling
  • Group discussion
Price: £36.65
£43.98 inc. VAT

Product code: B6190

This great value set of 6 board games helps to model good social skills and behaviour thereby promoting the social and emotional skills that underpin effective learning, positive behaviour and  regular attendance. All positive skills for young children to be learning in a fun and structured way.

The games focus on  morals, manners, empathy, friendship, showing emotions and managing emotions staff effectiveness and the emotional health and well-being of all who learn and work in schools.  Boards made from durable cardboard (297 x 420mm) and include  20 counters and a die.

Play Ideas>>
  • Morals and manners
  • Friendship
  • Empathy
  • Showing emotions
Price: £24.99
£29.99 inc. VAT

Product code: B6033

Challenging behaviour, violent outbursts and meltdowns can put a strain on the entire family of a child on the autism spectrum. This book offers practical, long-term and effective strategies to help resolve common challenging behaviours using a low arousal approach - a non-aversive approach based on avoiding confrontation and reducing stress and anxiety.

Managing Family Meltdown provides explanations for challenging behaviours, and offers a wealth of guidance on how families can manage different types of challenging behaviour, such as physical aggression and self-injury. The authors explore the difference between managing and changing behaviour; how our own behaviour can influence the situation; and show how by reducing stress and anxiety children are better able to process information becoming less likely to react in challenging ways. The pros and cons of medication and ways to look after your own health are also discussed.

This hands-on, practical book is appropriate for children who are non-verbal, as well as those with higher functioning autism and will be indispensable for families, carers and anyone involved with children on the autism spectrum.

'As a therapist working with children with autism and their families, you often have conversations with parents about "how things are at home". Discussing challenging behaviour can make you feel useless as a professional if you aren't able to offer any help. If the family are into reading self-help books, this is one you could definitely suggest.'

- Speech & Language Therapy in Practice, Gillian Welsher, speech therapist, Newcastle upon Tyne

Play Ideas>>
  • Challenging behaviour
  • Physical injury
  • Aggression
Price: £12.99

Product code: B6032

In a chaotic or threatening situation, fear is the primary emotional response of an autistic individual. "Meltdowns" or brain overloads can be scary for the individual with autism, and for the person trying to help if they don't know how to react in this situation. Common coping strategies such as hand flapping or leg shaking, can be misperceived as being uncooperative, and some techniques commonly recommended during time of distress or crisis, such as maintaining eye contact or using light touch, can be counter-productive rather than providing relief. The authors have created a training programme to explain the autistic experience and mindset, and guide the interventions of first responders to autistic individuals in crisis.

Play Ideas>>
  • Suggested interventions
  • Challenging Behaviour
Price: £9.99