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Verbal Play Skills >> Early Play and Interaction

Product code: B6573

Four 9 piece jigsaw puzzles showing the four seasons of the year.
Size: 20 x 20cm each.

Price: £14.99
£17.99 inc. VAT

Product code: B6572

A 20 piece hand cut shaped floor jigsaw puzzle.
Size: 60 x 40cm.

Price: £14.99
£17.99 inc. VAT

Product code: B6571

A 20 piece floor jigsaw puzzle showing a fire engine with a cat it has just rescued.
Puzzle Size: 60 x 40cm.

Price: £14.99
£17.99 inc. VAT

Product code: B6570

A quality hand cut and colourful wooden jigsaw with a different picture for each day of the week.
29 pieces
Size 40 x 20cm

Price: £9.99
£11.99 inc. VAT

Product code: B6550

A great first ball run with 15 chunky slot-together pieces. Includes 5 balls, 2 that rattle, 2 with a smiley face and a mirror ball. Great for play and interaction.
Size 61 x 20 x 61 cm.

Price: £24.99
£29.99 inc. VAT

Product code: B6543

A set of 4 family figures the largest is 6.1cm  wide x 13cm high. Ideal for role play activities.

Price: £16.66
£19.99 inc. VAT

Product code: B6542

A set of 4 family figures the largest is 6.1cm  wide x 13cm high. Ideal for role play activities.

Price: £16.66
£19.99 inc. VAT

Product code: B6541

A superb quality chalet house made from sustainable rubberwood. This robust open sided chalet house comprises two units which can be arranged in various patterns. Furniture for each room is included.
Size 75.9 x 33 x 53.6cm.
Age 3+

Price: £137.49
£164.99 inc. VAT

Product code: B6540

Didicar is a unique self-propelled ride on toy for children (however adults can ride it too!) It is safe and ideal to use indoors or outdoors on any hard, smooth and flat surface. Made of  tough moulded plastic with no batteries, motors, pedals or greasy chains. Didicar provides exercise in any setting and promotes physical development as well as balance, co-ordination, spatial and speed awareness.
Weight limit 120kgs.
Age 3+

Price: £44.99
£53.99 inc. VAT

Product code: B6528

3 superb wooden puzzles containing 4-5 raised pieces to fit together. A great introduction to colours & shapes and for developing fine motor skills.
Size of base: 145 x 145 x 9mm.
Age 2+

Price: £9.58
£11.50 inc. VAT

Product code: B6471

A classic cause and effect toy. Children push down on the colourful wooden pop up faces and they will jiggle around or pop out of their slot. Ideal for matching colour as a child sorts the correct face into the same colour slot. Age 1+

Price: £7.49
£8.99 inc. VAT

Product code: B6358

This workable Green Toys dump truck features a tilting bin so is a great first toy to help start with imaginative play indoors or outdoors.

Eco-design features and no metal axles mean this toy is 100% recyclable!

Measures 25cm L

Age 1+

Play Ideas>>
  • Green Toys™
Price: £18.32
£21.98 inc. VAT

Product code: B6353

A chunky piece wooden puzzle with large knobs for little hands to lift, grasp, examine and replace.

Size 200mm x 200mm x 12mm

Age 1+

Play Ideas>>
  • Shape recognition
  • Learn names of popular transport methods
Price: £6.65
£7.98 inc. VAT

Product code: B6349

Extra thick wooden puzzle where each piece has a large knob for easier grasping.

Size 30 x 30cm

Play Ideas>>
  • Great for hand-eye co-ordination
  • shape/animal recognition
Price: £8.32
£9.98 inc. VAT

Product code: B6335

A stacking toy where each part has an activity or feature to give more opportunities for play.

Colours may vary. Requires

3x AA batteries (included)

Measures: H23 x W19 xD21cm (boxed)

Age 1+

Play Ideas>>
  • Cause & effect
  • Turn taking
Price: £14.99
£17.99 inc. VAT

Product code: B6334

This lockable plastic box features two sets of three-dimensional shapes to be posted into the box. Then your child can use the colourful chunky key to open the door and retrieve the shapes.

H16 x W17 x D22cm (boxed)

Age 1+

Play Ideas>>
  • Sorting
  • Problem solving
  • Locks and keys
Price: £11.65
£13.98 inc. VAT

Product code: B6326

A set of 9 vibrantly coloured wooden pots and balls to be colour matched andsorted into the correct coloured pots.

Size 20.7 x 20.1 x 5.3cm

Age 2+.

Play Ideas>>
  • Great for matching and sorting colours
  • Fun with colours
Price: £37.49
£44.99 inc. VAT

Product code: B6302

A unique and fun cause and effect toy. Toddlers can scoop the balls off the floor as they ride over them and then fire the balls out of the front by squeezing the handlebars.

Great for turn taking and interaction.

Includes 5 balls. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Size 28.4 x 22 x 10cm.

Age 18 months +

Play Ideas>>
  • Cause & effect toy
Price: £18.32
£21.98 inc. VAT

Product code: B6301

An adorable plush turtle toy with a brightly-coloured musical shell. Each spot on the shell when touched will make a different musical note.

Bright colours help visual stimulation and the musical sounds are ideal for creating auditory awareness.

Turtle Tunes features three different music modes to choose from and comes complete with a song book.

Size: 11.2 x 8.7 x 3.9 inches

Play Ideas>>
  • Musical toy
  • Tactile
  • Interactive
Price: £19.99
£23.99 inc. VAT

Product code: B6291

This set of 20 wooden pebbles made from beech wood have great sensory appeal as they are lovely to handle.

Ideal for stacking, rolling and sorting.

Various sizes from 5 x 4.5cm to 5 x 15cm.

Age 10mths+

Price: £69.95
£83.94 inc. VAT

Product code: B6273

Two sets of 4 blocks to explore sound and colour as the beads bounce and swirl inside the smooth highly finished bricks.

Ideal for exploration and matching activities.

Size: W7 x D6 x H9cm.

For ages 3yrs+

Play Ideas>>
  • Colour and sound
  • Matching
  • Exploration
Price: £39.99
£47.99 inc. VAT

Product code: B5942

The Pop up Farm house is great fun for children. They can push, pull and twist to open various doors on this farmhouse to reveal 4 friendly faced animals which pop up or out. This super toy provides lots of language opportunities and play value as well as learning about cause and effect and co-ordination skills.

Playing with your child you can introduce the words for each of the animals that features in the house.

You can also introduce the words up and down or in and out - open and close.   

Size 24x21x11cm.

Play Ideas>>
  • Co-ordination skills
  • Cause and Effect
  • Language
Price: £30.83
£37.00 inc. VAT

Product code: B5631

A beautifully-crafted wooden bus with various wooden animals to be posted through the correct slots on the side panels. On the bottom deck a wooden slider allows different images of animals to appear in the window slots. Animals can be unloaded through a door at the back of the bus.

Ideal for sorting, naming animals and imaginative play.

Size 360mm x 210mm.

Age 18 months +

Price: £21.65
£25.98 inc. VAT