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3 Step Grip Development Kit

This product belongs to the following categories:
Pencil and scissor control - Simply Special Resources Catalogue - Pencil Grips

Product code: B6444
The 3 Step Grip Development Kit consists of a set of 3 Grips, one each of the following:

Crossover Grip - Step 1: 
This Grip has a finger guard to hold fingers in the correct position and prevent them from crossing over.

Pinch Grip - Step 2:
The Pinch Grip gives a positioning comfort and control.

Original Grip - Step 3:
A large, soft and comfortable pencil grip, offering more control. Has the letters ‘R’ and ‘L’ showing where to position the thumb.

Training guide provided.
  • 3-step approach helps accelerate the Learning Curve
  • Great for both right and left handers
  • Balances structure with freedom and flexibility
  • Enhances comfort and control
Price: £5.82
£6.98 inc VAT
SenseToys: 3 Step Grip Development Kit
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