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Simply Special Resources Catalogue >> Handwriting

Product code: B6488

A practical book, packed with advice and ideas will be invaluable for all practitioners helping children develop mark making skills to early writing. Michael Jones explores the key role that talking and language development plays in helping children to become capable and confident as emergent writers. The book provides a valuable explanation of how children develop their writing skills, together with plenty of tried and tested ideas to help children develop gross and fine motor control, visual scanning, recognition of shapes, patterns and direction, and a comfortable pencil grip.
50pp, A4.

Price: £15.00

Product code: B6487

A set of 12 pre-writing stones (95–120mm) and an activity leaflet. Ideal for pre-writing activities, these tactile stones are ideal for helping children to build their fine motor skills and the language to talk about shapes and patterns.

 •  Trace over the patterns and shapes from left-to-right with a finger
 •  Make impressions and copies in play dough
 •  Use indoors and outside – just wash them off afterwards

Price: £35.00
£42.00 inc. VAT

Product code: B6450

Writing slopes allow a child who has reduced body posture to write without leaning on the table. This means they can write at the optimum angle without putting strain on their back, shoulder or neck muscles thus reducing the risk of fatigue when writing. In turn this can help them concentrate more in class.

This Writing Slope can be bought as a single item but save when you buy as a Set of 5.

Price: £135.00
£162.00 inc. VAT

Product code: B6430

Encourage and motivate learners with this pre-inked and ready to use 'Neat Handwriting' Stamper.

The stamper will last over +10,000 impressions.

Price: £4.15
£4.98 inc. VAT

Product code: B6321

Practise sorting, fine motor skills and co-ordination using the tweezer tongs just like a pencil building the muscle control & coordination children need to begin writing! Kit includes

50 rubber balls in 5 different colours, one pair of blue 6” tweezer tongs, sorting tray with 5 removable, transparent tubes.

Play Ideas>>
  • Fine motor skills
  • Colours
  • Sorting
Price: £33.32
£39.98 inc. VAT

Product code: B6285

This book provides step-by-step activities to improve muscle strength, visual perception & hand skills.

Handwriting can be a complex skill and the hand does not completely develop until the age of approximately 6. If the hand is not physically ready to write the child can suffer from both emotional frustration and physical pain. In later life poor handwriting could possibly lead to lower exam grades and may affect self-esteem.

This simple step-by-step guide will help the child develop the skills needed for letter formation and legibility with everyday activities that develop muscle strength, hand and visual perception skills.

This resource is created by an OT and is specifically designed for easy use by teachers and TA's, this invaluable resource covers: Pencil grip and Paper position; Sensory motor control; Fine motor skills; Hand control and Body stability.

Play Ideas>>
  • Body stability
  • Fine motor skills
  • Sensory motor control
  • Pencil grip and Paper position
Price: £24.99

Product code: B6211

Writing slopes allow a child who has reduced body posture to write withoiut leaning on the table. This means they can write at the optimum angle without putting strain on their back.

The simple design of this transparent writing slope requires no assembly and is easy to stack and store.

Each sturdy slope is set at the recommended angle of 20 degrees and has a rubber grip to prevent slipping.

Size L33 x W30 x H12cm

Play Ideas>>
  • Helps writing position
Price: £29.15
£34.98 inc. VAT