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Non-Verbal Play >> Early Numbers

A math reasoning disability is soon overcome with beautiful school-age and preschool educational toys to bring numbers to life. Inclusive, colourful and visual maths resources introduce and develop an interest in numbers

Product code: B6555

An A3 folding magnetic whiteboard ideal for working with magnetic letters on separate sides of the double-sided whiteboard, or to bring letters over from one side to the other as they are needed to build words. Folds flat when finished for easy storage.

Price: £14.16
£16.99 inc. VAT

Product code: B6529

A set of 0-9 numbers made from silicone - a very strong, stable and inherently safe material that can be used and then cleaned in a dishwasher without harm. It is soft and pliable and tactile so ideal for younger children from 3+ and ideal for use in water, sand, or on a light panel. Each numeral is 12cm in height.

Price: £8.33
£10.00 inc. VAT

Product code: B6525

Sturdy set of numbers 1-20  with chunky wooden pieces that can stand-alone for adding, subtracting  and colour-matching. All in a wooden inset tray for sequencing and storage.
Size W27.5 H28.5 L1.8 cm.
Age 3+

Price: £12.49
£14.99 inc. VAT

Product code: B6511

Build counting skills and develop early numeracy skills with these friendly owl counters. Develops counting skills with numbers 1-10, encourage early addition and subtraction skills and reinforce colour recognition and patterning. Plastic base measures L 33.5cm.

Price: £17.50
£21.00 inc. VAT

Product code: B6481

Designed for use alongside the Ladybugs Counting Stones, this set of colourful cards are an ideal way to encourage children to explore early maths skills. The detailed, photographic images featured on the will inspire much talk developing key mathematical language. Activities include counting forwards and backwards on leaf number lines and around the petals of a flower, and finding suitable ladybug homes in the forest and log pile. Made from durable plastic the cards are tough enough for use in the outdoor area – the natural environment for ladybugs!
Each set includes 16 colourful cards
measuring 275 x 210mm.

Price: £14.99
£17.99 inc. VAT

Product code: B6473

A wonderfully appealing activity to encourage development of number recognition, matching and counting from 1 to 20 while building motor skills. Children match the number on the key to the number word and stars on the padlock shaped lock. Activity is self-correcting as only the correct key will open the each lock. Set includes 20 plastic locks and 20 matching keys. Size of lock 7cm.

Price: £40.83
£49.00 inc. VAT

Product code: B6415

A colourful wooden caterpillar stacking toy with 10 numbered segments with numerals as well as printed dots to help learning to count. Size 27.3 x 8.9 x 7.6 cm. Age 2+

Price: £10.83
£13.00 inc. VAT

Product code: B6321

Practise sorting, fine motor skills and co-ordination using the tweezer tongs just like a pencil building the muscle control & coordination children need to begin writing! Kit includes

50 rubber balls in 5 different colours, one pair of blue 6” tweezer tongs, sorting tray with 5 removable, transparent tubes.

Play Ideas>>
  • Fine motor skills
  • Colours
  • Sorting
Price: £33.32
£39.98 inc. VAT

Product code: B6319

A set of five vinyl boxes in graduated sizes containing the corresponding number of squeaky animals representing numbers from 1 to 5. The numeral and counting dots appear on the outside of the boxes to further re-inforce
early numbers.

The largest box is 12cm.

Play Ideas>>
  • Numbers
  • Counting
  • Tactile and Visual
Price: £62.49
£74.99 inc. VAT

Product code: B6306

Boost essential maths skills and help children to speed up progress with this targeted selection of maths resources. Embed the learning through active play and investigation across your setting! Pack comes with helpful notes and ideas for evidencing impact and is supplied in a sturdy Gratnells tray.
Consists of:
• Bumber pebbles (number bonds 1-10)
• Ladybugs Counting Set
• Helping young children with Numeracy book
• Crispin the crow puppet
• Sorting Stones
• Active Number cards
• Set of 6 tabards,
• Maths outdoors book
• Dinosaur Match and Measure Bones and Dinosaur Match and Measure Cards

Price: £150.00
£180.00 inc. VAT

Product code: B6220

A set of 10 mini ducks to be scooped up in one of the 2 plastic nets provided.

Each duck has a number on its base and the corresponding number of shapes on it's back.

Ideal for early counting, shapes, colours and motor skills and can be used in sand and water too.

Age 1+

Play Ideas>>
  • Counting
  • Fishing
  • Water play
Price: £27.49
£32.99 inc. VAT

Product code: B6216

A flexible resource with great child appeal, Sorting Stones offers the opportunity to explore colour, shape and pattern in a wide variety of contexts including sand, water and small world play both indoors and outdoors.

Each set includes 20 stones, with five bug body shapes - circle, square, rectangle, triangle and hexagon, in four colours - red, blue, yellow, and green. Cast from a unique mix including real stone, each durable stone measures 40-45mm and has a colourful bug character engraved on one side. 

A leaflet with additional activities is also included with ideas for introducing the stones to the setting and games exploring sorting, counting and pattern skills.

Play Ideas>>
  • Sort by colour
  • Sort by shape
  • Early patterning
  • Tactile to handle
Price: £20.00
£24.00 inc. VAT

Product code: B6209

Develop early mathematical skills with these adorable Ladybug stones. Durable and weatherproof they can be used to explore counting to 20, odd and even numbers, and addition and subtraction.

Each set includes two each of 0-10 (22 Ladybugs) and an activity leaflet full of related ideas and games.

Each Ladybug measures 50mm.

Play Ideas>>
  • Counting to 20
  • Odd and even numbers
  • Addition
  • Subtraction
Price: £20.00
£24.00 inc. VAT

Product code: B6180

Use these colourful and appealing fruits and vegetables to teach early counting, number recognition and sorting. Each can is labelled with a numeral, a word and picture to help sort correctly. 

Includes:  55 plastic fruits and vegetables, 10 cardboard cans with lids and an activity guide.

Each can measures 8 x 10cm and stack for easy storage.

Play Ideas>>
  • Early counting 1 to10
  • Sorting
  • Number recognition
Price: £38.32
£45.98 inc. VAT

Product code: B6176

A fabulous set of 14 sea creatures in 6  different colours. Includes lobster, crab, seahorse, penguin, starfish, swordfish,terrapin and others. A total of 84 counters.

Children will have so much fun sorting, classifying and counting these colourful sea creatures.

Play Ideas>>
  • Counting
  • Sorting
  • Classifying
Price: £9.99
£11.99 inc. VAT

Product code: B6174

Set of 6 brightly coloured flower shaped trays, great for all counting, sorting and classifying activities and also ideal for use as a paint tray.

You will find counters and pegs on the website to use with these trays.

Size: Diameter: 400m, depth 40mm.

Play Ideas>>
  • Sorting items
  • Counting items
  • Attach pegs to the sides
  • Use as paint trays
Price: £15.82
£18.98 inc. VAT

Product code: B6022

Exposure to basic mathematics in the early years can be crucial in establishing the foundations for understanding later in life. This book provides practical strategies and tools for teaching key mathematics concepts to children with an autism spectrum disorder and other developmental delays. Topics covered include colours, shapes, categories, numerals, sequencing, additional and substration and using money and the book includes worksheets and activities for incorporating mathematics into daily living skills. Expoosure to basic mathematics in the early years can be crucial in establishing the foundations for understanding later in life.

Play Ideas>>
  • Practical strategies
  • Core maths concepts
  • Worksheets
Price: £24.99

Product code: B5964

Penguins on Ice Maths Activity Set is both versatile and fun. The penguin set encourages children to explore various maths concepts in a visual way using the penguins and ice bars.

This maths activity set is ideal for counting, patterning,sorting and to create number lines and hundred grids.

Includes 10 plastic ice bars (30cmlx2.5cmh) 100 plastic plastic penguins in 10 colours and activity guide with photocopiable worksheets.

Price: £24.99
£29.99 inc. VAT

Product code: B5962

Use this fabulous fruit pie to practise sorting,counting and fine motor skills as children sort the colourful plastic fruit counters by their attributes.

Place the sorting cards into the pie base to provide visual cues.  Help children to listen for 2 words  by asking them to "find a green banana"  or "find a yellow banana"  or  add a number/quantity  to make it listening for 3 words. 

You will find an enormous amount of  educational and play value for children with this pie set.. 

Set includes 60 x 4cm fruit counters,, 22cm durable plastic pie, removable divider, three double-sided sorting cards, 2 sets of jumbo tweezers and an activity guide.

Play Ideas>>
  • Counting
  • Sorting
  • Fine Motor Skills
Price: £19.99
£23.99 inc. VAT

Product code: B5959

Match these wooden puzzle pairs to help number recognition and learn number concepts. The puzzles are self correcting colourful and clearly illustrated.

Price: £9.58
£11.50 inc. VAT

Product code: B5955

The Squidgy Sparkly Numbers come in a set of 0-9 Vac formed plastic numbers filled with sparkly liquid.  These squidgy, tactile numbers offer great opportunities for children to have fun and learn at the same time.

These can be used in water or sand.   Age 3+, Size 15 cm

Price: £19.15
£22.98 inc. VAT

Product code: B5922

Attribute Apples are a lovely colourful and tactile set of apples in a barrel. The different attributes of the apples are used for comaparing and practising listening skills and sorting.

Sort and classify apples by 5 attributes, including size, colour and physical features such as stem, leaf, and worm. The set includes 27 apples and an Activity Guide.

Largest apple measures 4cm H.

Play Ideas>>
  • Listening for 2 words
  • Sorting
  • Counting
Price: £19.99
£23.99 inc. VAT

Product code: B5829

This is a wooden inset puzzle with lift out numbers 0-9. The clear unpatterned numerals make this an ideal puzzle for introducing and playing with numbers.  The numbers lift out to reveal a picture of ther number of items shown by the numeral - for example under Number 5 - there are 5 cupcakes.  This helps children with counting and to visually understand the concept of quantity.

The written form of each number also appears in on this puzzle. 

Price: £5.41
£6.49 inc. VAT

Product code: B5716

72 Animal counters in 6 shapes and 6 colours.Ideal for counting and sorting and matching.  Use these together with a set of tweezers to practise fine motor skills as well as numeracy skills.

Play Ideas>>
  • Sorting
  • Counting
  • Matching
  • Fine motor skills
Price: £9.99
£11.99 inc. VAT

Product code: B5715

A handy jar of 72 counters in the shape of modes of transport in 6 shapes and 6 colours. GREAT VALUE FOR MONEY and lots of play value.

Ideal for counting and sorting and matching - especially if your child likes vehicles!  Use these together with a set of tweezers to practise fine motor skills as well as numeracy skills.

Age 3+

Play Ideas>>
  • Counting
  • Sorting and matching
  • Colour and vehicle recognition
  • Fine motor skills
Price: £9.99
£11.99 inc. VAT

Product code: B5709

A set of 12 numerals in colourful acrylic form 0-9 with additional 0 and 1 to make 10. Use on a lightbox and to encourage number recognition. Size 70mm

Play Ideas>>
  • Number bonds
  • Use on a light box
  • Tactile and visual
Price: £7.49
£8.99 inc. VAT

Product code: B5690

A set of 10 plastic cookies with countable beans on top and the corresponding numbers on the reverse. Ideal for early counting and number recognition. Supplied in a plastic cookie jar ideal for lots of play.

Play Ideas>>
  • Numbers 1 to 10
  • Counting
Price: £16.65
£19.98 inc. VAT

Product code: B5666

A fun toy for practising both counting and fine motor skills.  Children use the magnetic  wand  to guide each ball into one of the  numbered animals.  For example one ball into the duck, 2 balls into the dog and so on up to number 10.  A fabulous educational toy and because the top is sealed the balls cannot be lost, eaten or thrown. 

Measures 31 x 27 x 1.5 cm.

Play Ideas>>
  • Hand eye co-ordination
  • Counting the number of balls moved
  • Recognising numbers
Price: £12.49
£14.99 inc. VAT

Product code: B5562

A  superb quality and colourful counting wallchart with removable velcro pieces to accompany thew well known song - Five Currant Buns in a Baker's Shop.  The currant buns are removable for increased participation.  Ideal for small groups and can aid turn taking and counting skills.

Play Ideas>>
  • Counting
  • Encourages participation
  • Turntaking
Price: £19.16
£22.99 inc. VAT

Product code: B5561

A  superb quality and colourful counting wallchart with removable velcro pieces to accompany the well known song - Five Little Speckled frogs sat on a speckled Log.  The  cute little frogs are removable for increased participation.  Ideal for small groups and can aid turn taking and counting skills.

Play Ideas>>
  • Counting
  • Encourages participation
  • Turntaking
Price: £15.82
£18.98 inc. VAT

Product code: B5513

A superb set of 8 colourful desk bells designed for children to use. A simple press down on the button on top of the bell will elicit a clear and accurate tone.
Each bell is differentiated by colour and sounds one note of the middle C octave. The bells are also numbered and so can be lined up and played by one child or they can be used by a group of children working together. They are great for encouraging interaction and teamwork. 

Play Ideas>>
  • Press down to make sound
  • Listening to notes
  • Playing a tune
Price: £29.99
£35.99 inc. VAT

Product code: B5397

A solid wooden maze with a magnetic wand. A great toy for developing fine motor skills and number recognition and counting.  Children use the magnetic wand to guide the coloured balls through the maze and into the pots numbered 1-10.  The permanently attached clear view top keeps the 55 balls safe so they cannot be lost or eaten!

 Measures 13" x 14" 


Play Ideas>>
  • Developing fine motor skills
  • Number recognition
  • Counting up to 10
Price: £33.32
£39.98 inc. VAT

Product code: B5191

A fabulous wooden cause and effect toy. 5 wooden balls can be flipped up to a shelf by a wooden lever and then fall back onto the lower ramp when a wooden knob is turned. A really engaging toy that will help hand eye co-ordination and strengthen little wrists plus the balls are all safe inside a wooden and plastic case so cannot be thrown around the room or lost!!

Play Ideas>>
  • Eye Hand Co-ordination
  • Cause & Effect
  • Early Counting
Price: £19.15
£22.98 inc. VAT

Product code: B5032

A set of 20 beanie bags with the number stitched on one side and the written form of each number on the reverse all in a handy drawstring cloth bag. A fun and feely way to introduce and practice numbers 1-20.

Play Ideas>>
  • Fun to handle
  • Number sequencing
  • Turn taking
Price: £16.66
£19.99 inc. VAT

Product code: B5016

An attractive wooden toy. This tower comprises brightly coloured shapes each numbered 1-10. The inter-locking shapes can be stacked by number or by shape. The Tower Puzzle has been useful in teaching our child to stack and build who would otherwise prefer to line things up horizontally. Height 19cm.

Play Ideas>>
  • Stacking
  • Counting
  • Shape and colour recognition
  • Concentration
Price: £11.66
£13.99 inc. VAT