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LED Sensory Stand On Light Box

This product belongs to the following categories:
Sensory Fun - Fun with Light

Product code: B6643
A wonderful and colourful sensory resource for a sensory room or senory area.

This very durable and sensory stand-on light box contains two coloured liquid gels underneath a thick, transparent, plastic plate. The gel moves when weight is put upon the plate, the more weight that is applied the more the gel will move. The plastic plate is surrounded by a padded foam frame.

The box Contains a 24Volt LED Light. The box must be plugged in to the mains for the light to be used.


Total size 70 x 70 x 7 cm, Size of light board 50 x 50 cm  Weight of panel 21Kg

Maximum weight 300kg


This item is available in three colour s and colours may vary.

Age: 3+

Price: £487.50
£585.00 inc VAT
SenseToys: LED Sensory Stand On Light Box
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