10 minute sand timer

16cm high
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Ten minute sand timers are ideal for helping young children with autism and other special needs to develop an understanding of time and help with daily routines. Our sand timers are sturdy and durable with moulded end caps and thick wall surrounds. The ten minute sand timer contains orange sand.

Sand timers are an ideal way of representing time elapsing in a concrete and visual way. This is a large ten minute sand timer (16 cm high) and is very robust - ideal for young children! The ten minute timer is appropriate for children who understand that they need to wait, or can carry on with an activity for a bit longer, but need reassurance as to when they must finish. Use the ten minute sand timer to:

  • Mark short periods of time
  • Reinforce that an activity will soon finish
  • Help with transition from one activity to another
  • Develop the concept of time
  • Help a child to wait

Here are some suggested ways in which a ten minute sand timer can be incorporated into daily activities:

  • Nearing the end of watching a video/film
  • Assist with 'now and next', for example, going to school, time for bath, time to get out of the bath.
  • Finishing a puzzle or game
  • Transitioning to wash hands and have tea - when the sand runs through