Sensory toys and educational resources for children with special needs, including autism and ADHD.

Welcome to SenseToys!

In our shop, you will find sensory toys and sensory education resources for children with autism, ADHD and other additional needs. All our products are thoroughly tested by us - if it isn't easy or enjoyable to play with, we don't stock it!  We have personal experience of autism and language delay and our drive is to help parents in a similar situation - read more here

Sensory Toys for calming, sensory input

Our best-selling products include are perfect for children who need sensory input.
We also stock sensory kits and sensory dens to create the perfect calming space for your child. 

SENCO and OT resources

Professionals tell us that they find our curriculum-friendly sensory education resources particularly helpful for early years fine motor skills, maths support,  poor or delayed language development, as well as autism, ADHD and dyspraxia. Over the years professionals have also asked us to offer books, games and resources for social and emotional development.