About Us

About SenseToys and our best-selling toys

From our experiences of a child with autism, we established SenseToys to help you find the toys and resources you need for your children. In 2017 we expanded our range of communication resources through the acquisition of ASD Visual Aids Limited.

Who are we?

I am Lesley Burton. I established SenseToys after many fruitless searches for toys and activities to help with the special needs of my two sons - my eldest suffered a language delay through glue ear and my second son Edward has an autistic spectrum disorder (ASD).

Our range appeals to all parents and professionals but it is particularly popular with those caring for children with special educational needs and learning disabilities, including poor or delayed language development and skills, dyspraxia, and developmental delays, ADHD, autism and other spectrum disorders.

I also know that our toys provide sensory and educational fun for all children, with or without special needs. Similarly, I'm told that many parents find my play tips valuable for playing with their young children. I hope you will find them useful too.

How we select toys for children with special needs?

We carefully select and review toys and resources bearing in mind how easy they are for small or weak hands to use, the multiplicity of play opportunities, their sensory value and their robustness.

Who buys from SenseToys?

As well as families, our customers include schools, nurseries, childminders, speech and language therapists, occupational therapists, portage workers, educational psychologists, care home workers and childrens centres. We attend a variety of shows and conferences around the UK to promote, sell and demonstrate our toys.

SenseToys helps to make learning fun and rewarding for you and for children with learning difficulties - sometimes even "ordinary" toys can help you produce extraordinary results if you can find them and know how to use them effectively!

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