Blow Football

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Blow Football is a classically simple blowing toy which can make helping breath control, lip strength and general mouth control a fun and enjoyable activity. Contains 2 goal posts, goal keepers 2 plastic footballs and 6 blow straws.

As well as using the blow toys in the SenseToys oral motor kit, Blow Football offers another opportunity to practice blowing, especially for slightly older children. Very simply you and your child will play a game of football which requires the ball to be blown around the pitch rather than being kicked.

  • Sturdy blow straws
  • Fun blowing practice
  • Turn taking

This blowing game contains a rules leaflet but you can simplify it to begin with by setting up the goalposts and goal keeper and taking it in turns to take a shot at goal by blowing down the straw and blowing the ball into the goal. Put the ball near to the goal so your child only has to blow gently and move it further away to encourage a much stronger blow.

Vary the game of Blow Football by taking it in turns to see who can blow the football the furthest, or blowing the ball off the table so that it lands in a bin or a bucket - there are lots of variations with this simple equipment to encourage your child to blow and develop better control of lip muscles.

This is just one tool for encouraging blowing. You can also practice by blowing bubbles, blowing out candles, blowing down straws, blowing tissue across the table, blowing party blowers or any number of other games.