Fruit Peg Puzzle

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Beautifully produced early form boards giving parents an opportunity to help a child to develop language by saying single words.

This puzzle provides a language development opportunity for a child who can start showing that he can begin to say some of these words.

  • Develops single word understanding
  • Large pegs, easily held
  • Very clear art work

A child can be encouraged to lift each shape out in time, the parents saying, "Yes, look, it's an apple, lets put the apple on the table, Umm, here are two strawberries, lets put those on the table. Here comes the banana, and then the pear, and then the orange. Can you see inside here bananas being cut, um, yum, what will be good. Look how the strawberry has been cut in half, let's put the banana back, that's right its got its skin on now. Let's put the strawberries back, they look good. Can you find the apple, look the apple's in here. Where's the pear, and where's the orange? The young child will play time and time again pulling the pictures out, giving parents an opportunity to constantly repeat the name of the vegetable/fruit, but maintaining the whole thing as a game.