Flip Door Memory Game

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An unusual  wooden board game with 24 wooden hinged doors to open - behind each door are pictures from a category and players use memory skills to remember  where the pairs of pictures are.  Includes facility to keep score and 7 double sided game cards.

 Categories include colours, vehicles, fruit, shapes, zoo animals, farm animals and numbers. A fun and engaging alternative to flash cards and traditional pairs and matching activities.


Measures 26cm x 21cm x 2cm.


  • Memory recall
  • Matching skills
  • Language skills

Select one of the seven themed game cards and insert it into the slot at the top of the board.  Avoid looking at the pictures on the card and ensure all of the doors are closed.  Decide which player will use the red score tracker and which player will use the blue score tracker.

Players take turns opening two doors, one at a time.  If the pictures behind the doors match, the two doors are kept open and the player scores a point on his tracker.  This player continues playing until he fails to score a match. When the pictures behind the two selected doors  do not match the doors must be closed and its the other players turn.

The object of the game is to find more matched pairs than the other player