DISCONTINUED Rainbow Sound Blocks

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A toy that gives a child and parents an opportunity to listen to a diversity of sounds, attractive to look at, lovely to feel, and a delight to play with.

  • Listening for different sounds
  • Looking at the different objects that make different sounds
  • Play talk


This toy could be particularly helpful for a child who has had a hearing loss and has just had grommets inserted and is beginning to explore sounds possibly for the first time. Parents can enjoy looking and listening with their children introducing the language that describes both the object and the sound itself. "Oh look, look at the ball going round and round and round, can you hear it whirring. Oh look at those little coloured beads in the little square box, shake them, shake them, that's a pretty noise", and so on.

The blocks can be used with older children as they start to explore the language of sound. The blocks can also be used to help a child to localise sound by an adult putting a block in one hand and having the other hand empty and shaking each hand in turn and asking the child where the noise is coming from. The hand can be moved around the side of his head or anywhere in the room. This game can also be played by a number of adults all holding blocks, some of which make a noise and some of which do not, and the child has to find the adult who is shaking the block that has a good noise.