The Old Lady who swallowed a fly Doll & Beanie animals set

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A beautifully made fabric doll and 7 bean filled animals - a marvellous accompaniment to the much loved nursery song "There was an old Lady who swallowed a fly". The Doll has a mouth that opens so each animal can be fed to her to follow the song - a great visual and interactive resource to extend and develop a child's enjoyment and participation individually or as part of a group. The "There was an old Lady who swallowed a fly" book is also available separately. Doll measures 33cm. BOOK NOT INCLUDED

  • Helps child to visualise the words of the song
  • Practising turn taking
  • Encourages participation.

If you are working with one child arrange the animals in front of your child, have the doll on your lap and start to sing the song. As each animal is mentioned in the song encourage your child to put the animal beanie bag into the mouth of the doll, name the animal clearly. Continue with the song feeding each animal into the doll's mouth as it appears in the story. When all of the animals have gone at the end of the story - simply retrieve them from inside the doll and start again!

To practise turn taking only let your child feed every other animal to help him to develop this social skill. For non-verbal children as you name the beanie animal also show your child the appropriate PECS card or Makaton sign to reinforce visually his understanding of each animal. For group work - share out the beanie animals - one to each child. Work through the story and when an animal is mentioned. the child who has the beanie asks for the doll and can feed the animal into the doll's mouth.