Threading Cheese

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This chunky wedge shaped cheese with a wooden mouse as the threading needle is an ideal toy to encourage early threading and iencourage hand eye coordination skills. Measures 9.5x14.5x5.5cm.
  • Eye hand coordination
  • Manipulation skills


To begin with you can start off by cutting coloured plastic straws in half and encouraging your child to poke them into the holes of the cheese whilst it is laid flat on the table. Then move on to standing the cheese on it side so that it looks like a wedge of cake and poke the straws in a hole and pull them out of the other side.

Then introduce the mouse head on a string and poke the head into the hole and out of the other side pulling the thread tightly. If your child is reluctant to poke the mouse into the hole, poke it in yourself and encourage him to pull it out until he feels comfortable doing the whole action.