Number Beanie Bags

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A set of 20 beanie bags with the number stitched on one side and the written form of each number on the reverse all in a handy drawstring cloth bag. A fun and feely way to introduce and practice numbers 1-20.

  • Fun to handle
  • Number Sequencing
  • Turn taking

Allow your child to pick the numbered squares out of the bag (perhaps put numbers 11-20 to one side to begin with) feeling them and looking at the numbers - "ah that's number 5, here is no 7 oh look it's number 8".

The numbered bags can also be used to match the numbers - if you have other items such as numbered blocks, flashcards or a number puzzle - line up the blocks, cards or figures from the inset puzzle and ask your child to put number 1 bean bag on the number 1, put the number 2 bean bag on number 2, and so on. Perhaps extend the game to put the Number 1 bag on the number 4 "That's not the right one is it?", "This is number 1".

You can also hold out your hand and place number 1 in the palm of your hand saying "Give me number 2" - and get him to place number 2 on top of number 1. "Now give me number 3- yes 3 goes on top of 2" and so on until you have 10 bean bags all stacked on top of each other. Flip the pile over so number 1 is on the top and ask him to take off number 1, then number 2, then number 3 and line them up in sequence - and then do the stacking exercise all over again to reinforce recognition and the order of the numbers.

You can get ever more complicated as your child becomes confident at recognising the numbers and can sort them 1-10 from a random sequence, all piled up randomly and eventually just taking them out of the bag.

Finally you can play all the above games to introduce the other 10 numbered bags 11-20. Depending on the skill level of your child you can use these bags to introduce the concept of odd numbers (bags have red stitching) and even numbers (bags have blue stitching).