My First Shape, Size and Colour Game

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A set of 4 pictures on thick sturdy card with various pieces in different shapes sizes and colours which need to be matched to the picture. Can be used as a learning activity or played as a game with 2-4 players. An ideal way to reinforce learning of shapes, sizes and colours.

  • Shape, size and colour recognition
  • Visual skills
  • Co-ordination

Begin by choosing one picture board and set out the appropriate pieces at the side of the board. One by one ask your child to match the correct piece onto the picture board - each time naming the shape and the colour of the piece as he does so. To encourage more interaction perhaps put the pieces into a cloth bag and encourage your child to pick the pieces out of the bag.

Work your way through the different picture boards just having the shapes necessary to complete the picture you are working with. Gradually introduce more shapes that are not required to complete the picture, for example, if there is a small yellow triangle in the picture also have a large yellow triangle available so your child must decide which of the two fits the picture by comparing sizes.

This can then be made more difficult by introducing a small green triangle so he must compare the size and the colour of the triangles to complete the picture correctly.

A leaflet accompanies the puzzle with two game ideas for 2-4 players.