Sound Puzzle Box

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The Sound Puzzle Box is a shape sorter with 3 different geometrical shapes. Each shape shows a funny face which makes a squeaky noise as it slides to the bottom of the cylinder. This shape sorter helps children learn about shapes and colours, as well as providing plenty of entertainment.

  • Colour and shape recognition
  • Fine motor skills
  • Attention and listening

If your child is very little have him sit on someone else's lap on the opposite site of the table. Begin by rolling the Sound Puzzle cylinder to your child, laugh and say 'push'.

Put all the shapes from the Sound Puzzle Box on the table and ask your child to choose one. If he doesn't pick one, place his hand over a shape and help him insert it into the correct hole then listen for the squeaky noise. Encourage him to make eye contact with you by holding the next shape up close to your eye and see if he reaches for it and looks at you. You could also try hiding the shapes in an upside down container he needs to move the container to find a shape - this can often be an enjoyable game - ask him "Where is the shape ??" "Where's the yellow shape"?? I have even held the shapes between my teeth for Eddie to reach for.

Place the cylinder on its side and practice counting 1,2,3 as you move each counter across the bar.