Scrunch Ball

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A 9" squidgy ball with a shimmery finish and an easy-grip texture which makes it easier to catch. Its light and soft so its ideal for indoor play. Simply inflate with the straw supplied and deflate after use. Playing with a ball is a great way of helping a child's communicative skills such as looking, eye contact, anticipation and waiting their turn. Great for children with autism and SEN.

Roll the ball over his tummy and head gently and then up and down his arms and legs to familiarise him with the texture and feel of the ball. Sit or kneel opposite your child and roll the ball to him, say "pushing the ball". See if he rolls it back to you. Alternatively do this with him sitting on someone else's lap on the other side of a table.

Try throwing the ball gently into a box or empty waste paper basket if that makes it easier to start with and ask him to fetch the ball - "Where's the ball gone? Bring me the ball please." Hide the ball up your shirt or under a cloth and encourage him to look for it - with lots of praise and laughter when he finds it!