Sensory Ball Pack

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These 4 small textured sensory balls are an ideal toy for simple games and sensory tactile play. Each sensory ball measures 8cm in diameter. Children will love these tactile and tickly balls. Sensory balls are ideal for encouraging early co-ordination and ball handling because of their unusual texture. They are also useful for children learning basic colours.

  • gross motor skills
  • anticipation
  • turntaking


Roll the sensory ball over his tummy and head gently then up and down his arms to familiarise him with the texture and feel of the ball. Sit or kneel opposite your child and roll the ball to him. Then help him to pick it up, if he doesn't, and encourage him to feel and explore its texture. Try putting the balls in a bag or pillow case and encouraging your child to pick one out at a time. Extend the rolling or the picking out of the bag to take turns - making him wait until you have had your turn to select a ball or to roll the ball.

Try throwing one of the balls into a box or empty waste paper basket "Where's the ball gone?" "Bring me the ball - or bring me the red ball if your child is learning his colours. These sensory balls can be useful to reinforce learning of basic colours - blue, red, yellow and green in a fun way rather than at a table top activity.

The 4 coloured balls also provide a great opportunity for PECS exchanges if your child uses PECS. Encourage him to request the coloured ball he wants with PECS symbols - or when you are teaching attributes.