ARK’s Y-Chew XXT® (Red)

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AARK’s Y-Chew XXT® (also available in blue) is our toughest oral motor chew tool made out of Xtra Xtra Tough” material. It provides a great alternative to biting fingers, knuckles, clothing and pencils. Because it has three different extensions to chew on, this chew tool tends to last the longest for the most avid chewers. Each extension has its own texture (smooth, ribbed, or bumpy) for a varied sensory experience. Use the Y-Chew to exercise the lips, tongue, cheeks, and especially the jaw, allowing the mouth to learn and grow strong through oral exploration.

Why Y-Chews?

- Safe way to exercise mouth muscles
- Build oral tone
- chewing and biting skills
- Provides tactile sensory input to the lips, tongue, cheeks, and jaw

Great for speech therapy, feeding therapy and occupational therapy

The Y-Chew is often used by therapists in feeding and oral motor intervention.  The textured surfaces help decrease oral defensiveness, reduce food aversions, and normalise sensitivities (both hypo and hypersensitivities).

Therapy Tip:

ARK's Y-Chew is mostly used for biting and chewing exercises (or as a safe outlet for the need to chew). But it's also the perfect shape for this lip closure exercise:

Place the upper part of the Y just above the upper lip. Gently press downward, stretching the upper lip to meet the lower lip (as pictured). Then place it just below the bottom lip and gently press upward, stretching the lower lip to meet the upper lip. 

This is particularly helpful when you need to establish the concept of lip closure, as it helps the person physically feel what it's like for the lips to close, and the Y-Chew supports the full length of the lips.