Miss Face Cube

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A 3D version of the wallchart makes this foam cube a fun and unusual way to present emotions to children and help them to recognise a variety of facial expressions. Reading facial expressions can be so difficult for some children this cube is a practical way of introducing emotions and expressions to them. Ideal for group work or one to one. Cube measures 20cm x 20cm x 20cm.

  • Naming facila features
  • Recognising emotions


This foam cube is a useful and fun resource for introducing both facial features and facial expressions to young children. You can toss the cube to your child and see which side lands facing up. Your child may pick up the cube and turn it around looking at each of the faces. You can point out the main features to begin with - the eyes, nose and mouth. Then later on look at the ears, eye brows and eye lashes.

You can show your child the most familiar expressions such as happy and sad. Reading facial expressions can be so difficult for some children with special educational needs and learning difficulties. You can start by choosing one expression - perhaps happy and just focus as much as you can on showing your child the happy side of the cube, your face smiling, your face smiling in a mirror - saying Mummy is smiling because she is happy - then perhaps tickle your child to make him smile and show his face in the mirror too.

You can play with the cube, tossing it to each other  - see which expression is facing up then copy it  - smiling, crying, surprised, angry/grumpy so your child can see how your face is changing and how the faces ont he cube are different.