Threading Fruits

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A set of 24 beautifully finished wooden fruits to thread, bananas, apples, cherries, blueberries, oranges and pears. The fruits are delightful to handle with large holes which combined with the thread having a wooden 'needle' make threading easier.

  • threading
  • Eye-hand co-ordination
  • Counting and sorting

These threading fruit beads are a lovely resource for counting and threading. Encourage your child to enjoy exploring the texture and shape of the fruits randomly on the table. Perhaps start off with a game of counting out 4 pears, then 4 bananas and so on. Practice sorting them into groups - putting all of the red fruits together, then all of the fruits with green on them, or those with a stalk and so on.

If you feel there are too many beads which may overwhelm your child just use one or two of each fruit to start off with.

If your child is not able to thread by himself then begin by taking the lace and threading on the first fruit "Here goes the banana." Hold the lace at one end and let the threaded banana dangle in front of him and help him to push the bead down until it gets to the bottom of the thread, saying "wheeeeeeeeeeee" or "down" as the bead moves along the thread. Repeat this with another fruit and encourage your child, hand over hand, to join in.

When you initially try to teach your child to thread the bead himself - start by asking him to hold the bead while you thread in the lace - then you hold the bead and see if he can poke the lace through the hole.

If your child is unable or unwilling to thread you can still have fun with these beads - and perhaps try our wooden threading cheese to continue practising to thread.