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Educational toys and sensory toys for autistic, SEN and early years children

If you need resources for children with special needs or autism, SenseToys offers a handpicked range of sensory and educational toys

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Featured Product: Positional Words Resource Box

Positional Words Resource Box

A superb hands-on resource box to help children to recognise and understand prepositions. It is particularly visual and reinforcing as the manipulative props are moved into each position.

Contains 4 pairs of manipulatives and 24 cards and instructions. Children just follow the instructions to move the objects into place, then flip the cards over to check their work. Bear is 8cm.

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SenseToys specialises in providing a carefully selected range of educational and sensory toys and activities which are suited to young children and those with special needs. Our range appeals to all parents and professionals but it is particularly popular with those caring for children with special educational needs and learning disabilities, including poor or delayed language development and skills, dyspraxia, and developmental delays,  ADHD, autism and other spectrum disorders.
SenseToys is all about FUN.
  • Find - find the toys and activities that you and your special child need
  • Understand - explanations of why each toy or activity meets a specific need
  • Nurture - simple and effective play tips for parents and carers
SenseToys helps you find and choose which toys you need, explains how to use them, and why they work - practical information and advice for parents and carers, especially for those learning about and coping with special needs for the first time, based on first-hand experience.

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