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If you are looking for a carefully selected range of educational and sensory toys, we are here to help

We have a son with autism and another who had language delay. We found it very hard to find sensory toys and resources to help our son with autism and we wanted to help other parents in a similar situation. That's why we decided to set up an online shop filled with toys and resources for children with autism or ASD (autism spectrum disorder) and now we supply toys that are fun and educational for all young children.

In our shop, you will find resources and toys that are ideal for young children. We still put a strong emphasis of toys and equipment for special educational needs and learning disabilities and all our products are thoroughly tested by us. If it isn't easy or enjoyable to play with, we don't stock it! Parents and professionals tell us that they find these curriculum-friendly resources are incredibly helpful for early years fine motor skills and numeracy education and development, poor or delayed language development and skills, dyspraxia, developmental delays and ADHD. Over the years professionals have also asked us to offer books, games and resources for social and emotional development

Like many people, we have experienced the impact of Alzheimer’s and dementia on our family. We used our Sensetoys sensory resources with our own parents and saw the benefits first hand. This inspired us to create a section of resources for people with memory loss and simple gadgets (like long reach toenail clippers) that improve older people's quality of life and give them greater independence and dignity.